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First Blog.


Hello, well after 20 plus years of running my amateur website and receiving some 20,000 visitors, I have decided to get a professional in to help, hence this brand new Goodways to God website and you are very welcome.

You know most people consider those that say they trust God, have a comfortable life and all their troubles are taken care of by some out there being. That being religious as they call it, gives you a get out of jail card, oh how wrong are these misconceptions. Coming to faith in 1997 did change my priorities and in many ways my life, but firstly the idea of being called religious is awful, rather to be called a man of faith! Secondly I have gone through many trials since then, one of the hardest having to have a heart bypass followed by complications since.

I know that coming to faith has given my life a real purpose, and I feel so much more fulfilled than ever before, if you are reading this and pondering what to do next, just trust God and give him a chance to show you He is real, and He loves you, believe me you wont regret it!

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