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Who am i?

Hello my name is John Goodway, hence the name of this site, “Goodways to God”
Born in 1949 in Wareham, Dorset, I was the second child in a family of 5, 3 sisters and 1 brother. My dad was a staff sergeant in the army based at Bovington army camp,he later became a gamekeeper.    
I have lived in Dorset, Berkshire, Kent and Sussex, spent some time in Bengazi as a child.I never liked school much, did not believe in God or any of that stuff. Always loved collecting records / c.ds, always felt at home in the countryside, as a kid I was extremly shy, skinny and a bit of a loner.
Started working life as an assistant gamekeeper, then went on to be an under gardener. Joined a  family nursery for training in growing and selling all kind of crops.
Became a disc jockey, in Margate in 1970, and then moved to swinging Brighton, working in mostly music pubs. The Cliftonville for some 9 years, The William Tell again for about the same time, loads of private parties etc.
I married Christine, whilst I was a dj in Brighton, I went back to gardening shortly after our  wedding, sadly after around 8 years Christine died of cancer, in 1990.
I could not continue in my current position owing to the quiet and all the memories so a friend offered me a job, working for a while as a weekend manager of a newsagent’s in Burwash, I did this for a year or so and then I decided to buy a  franchise milk business, from Unigate.
I met my now wife during this time, we were married out in Mombassa, Kenya, her name is Avril. I found a faith in Jesus in November 1996, was baptized in January 1997.
I went to Ashburnham Christian centre on a 2 year part time course, this in the first year was to learn and understand the bible, the second year to seek what God wants us to do for Him. I worked 2 years part time with Home Evangelism and then was taken on as a full time Evangelist, now called OutreachUK, I am now retired but will continue to serve God.
-John Goodway
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