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Faith is a very personal thing and it is only YOU who can decide who or what you believe. This site is here to try to help you on your journey through this life. The links are here to help you in some of the difficult areas of that life. I am NOT an expert, just someone who found a faith, and that faith changed my life, and gave me a purpose. I would love for you can find that inner purpose for yourself. Please spend some time exploring this site, you never know you might find some answers. If you find this site useful please contact me, or if you have any comments?

Ultimate Questions


Is anyone there?
What is God like?
What went wrong?
Is sin serious?
Where do I go from here?
Can religion help?
Why the cross?


So who is this Jesus, was he really a real man here on earth as God? Was He just a prophet? What do you think, why not watch this video, it might just help?

This video features real people, not actors, people who's life has been changed by having a real faith, in a real God.

Something for you to think about , and anybody else who is asking the questions? Jesus said “Seek me whilst I can be found”

Does God Exist?

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First Blog.

  Hello, well after 20 plus years of running my amateur website and receiving some 20,000 visitors, I have decided to get a professional in to help, hence this brand new Goodways to God website and you are very welcome. You know most people consider those that say they trust God, have a comfortable life …

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